Oil Screams!… and i’m not kiddin’! I have a funny story to tell about oil pans and oil drains that will take you into the world of Rex. So you need any oil change and you decide bring your car on over for an oil change. You drop off your keys one of our good people inside the office. You grab a cup of joe and a magazine or you log into our free WIFI so you can do some web surfing or email checkin’. Or maybe you want to check TMZ to see which celebrity has made a fool of themselves recently. Ok I’m getting off topic  lol. Anywho, while you wait, Rex is preparing for battle with the hot oil that awaits him after he lifts your car in an open bay.

“Changing oil isn’t always a sexy job. Keep in mind that your oil is most likely not cold if you’ve been driving. That means I have a nice hot oil tea waiting to shoot at at me as soon as I uncork the cork! Sometimes I uncork and run out of the way and let the drip funnel that hot oil into the used oil reservoir while I watch from a safe distance!”  It’s not always that dramatic but hey when you’ve been sprayed a few times with overly warm oil, you tend to take preventative measures in the. The good part for you is that we endure those problems while you enjoy WIFI, coffee and some gossip, if you’re a TMZ junky like me, LOL.



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