“When cars break down it ain’t often pretty and it’s never fun for people!” said Rex our ASE Certified Master Technician. in his 25+ years of being an ASE Certified Master Technician, he’s seen everything. One thing he sees the most that disturbing are mechanics with clean hands. “Don’t get me wrong. A technician with common sense must know they need clean hands when working on the inside of a customer’s vehicle.” But when it’s time to get down and dirty, Rex gets really excited. “When I’m diagnosing a car for repair or when I’m performing the repair itself, I get really excited because I get to dig into the nuts-n-bolts of what makes these masterpieces of engineering really go- that’s when I get my hands dirty!” Oil, dirty, grime, you name it, Rex has felt it. “Real technicians get dirty. It’s the name of the game. That’s how we get the name grease monkeys. ‘Cause we monkey around in grease so much, ha ha!”

At the end of the day at West Ave Automotive, we’re not afraid to dig in and see what the problem with your vehicle may be. We’d rather not be lazy and do the hard work to get the job done right than send you back onto the road without having addressed your problems. Heck, we may have to get dirty. But fear of a little hard work won’t make us take the lazy route and do a half-ass job for you!


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